The Fastener Expo Eurasia Trade Fair will bring the industry together at Tüyap in 2023

Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc. and the Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople (BESİAD) have today signed an cooperation protocol for the Fastener Expo Eurasia Trade Fair.

Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc. and BESİAD set the wheels in motion to organize the Fastener Expo Eurasia at Tüyap. With the protocol signed by the parties today, the Fastener Expo Eurasia will be held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on May 24-27, 2023 at the same time with the Eurasia Hardware Fair. Representatives from the two key industries which complement each other will come together to do business on a global level.

Fastener Expo Eurasia will bring together manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and end users of fasteners as well as companies specialized in designing and developing fastener manufacturing equipment and materials.

The international trade fair will accelerate business in the industry
During the signing ceremony, Ali Muharremoğlu, General Manager, Reed Tüyap Fuarcılık, expressed his pleasure at executing the cooperation agreement and stated "We are very excited to organize the Fastener Expo Eurasia 2023 at Tüyap with BESİAD. It will be held at the same time with the Eurasia Hardware Fair, and we believe that, with our stakeholder BESİAD, we will achieve great results for the industry. With our global network and BESİAD's prominent position within the industry, Reed Tüyap is planning to offer a unique trade fair experience to the participants and visitors at the Fastener Expo. I'd like to thank BESİAD for this cooperation and sincerely hope that the fair will bring good fortune to the industry."
Fastener Expo Eurasia will make great contribution to forging new relationships with importers
Mustafa N. Tecdelioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople (BESİAD), highlighted that the industry is growing each year and said "Today we have entered into a significant cooperation. With this protocol that we have executed with Reed Tüyap, our fastener industry will maintain its leadership across Europe and remain one of the top eight industries across the globe. The Fastener Expo Eurasia Trade Fair will greatly help the industry to increase its volume of trade. We believe that, thanks to the joined strength of BESİAD and Reed Tüyap, the industry will have the opportunity to meet and forge long-lasting relations with importers from around the world. The trade fair will show us once again that Turkey offers many opportunities and has a great chance to further move up the ranks in the global industry. I recommend firms in the industry to book their place at the fair, and I would like to let you know that we have already begun our preparations to ensure a smooth and successful trade fair."

Top 8 in the world, top 3 in Europe
The fasteners industry continues to contribute to the industrial development of our country and raises he bars even higher by achieving its export and growth targets year after year. The domestic fasteners industry enjoyed an annual growth rate in double digits for the last 10 years, increasing the market size from USD 850 million to USD 2.5 billion.

In 2020, the industry exported goods worth USD 420 million under the pandemic conditions, while it exported goods worth USD 620 million in 2021 with a 47% increase compared to the previous year. Aiming to achieve a total export volume of USD 750 million in 2022, the fasteners industry ranks within top eight around the world, and top three in Europe with its strong capabilities and manufacturing capacities.

Industry professionals will come together
The Fastener Expo Eurasia will allow senior managers, engineers and procurement professionals from many industries and representatives from other industries to meet face-to-face, strengthen existing partnerships and create new business opportunities. Detailed information about the fair is available at